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Want to know more about FFE Transportation Services and how we operate? Check out some of the things our own people have to say about us.


William Brown
Total Experience: 16 years
Total Experience with FFE: 16 years

“I’ve been with FFE for 16 years. I started with Lisa Motor Lines. My run is all over. FFE is like a family away from home; I’m not just a number. I’ve known many Drivers that try other Carriers and they always come right back to FFE. When I started with the company I originally planned to just do a year and then drive locally. That ‘year’ turned into 16 years with the strong support of my wife and kids. My advice to anyone interested in company driving is to always look out for the next guy and keep rolling.”


Andy Banfield
Total Experience: 13 years
Total Experience with FFE: 8 years

“I’ve had an overall good experience with FFE. I run Dedicated from Florida to Texas. As an Owner Operator you have to stay on top of your business, learn how to navigate through the business, and know who to talk to. At FFE there is a direct line of communication for Drivers because of the accessibility of people to assist you. My advice to anyone interested in becoming an Owner Operator would be to start first as a Company Driver and learn the business of taking care of a truck. When owning your own truck you will have a better appreciation because of your vested interest. Not only do you represent FFE; you represent yourself”

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Frozen Food Express Industries, Inc. was first led to success by Cy Weller, a solutions-driven former attorney from San Antonio who was drafted into the Army. When he returned home from the Army in 1943,he found that he no longer had office space for his legal practice. So he used his experience from the Army to buy military equipment, including salvage trucks, from the government to sell tomore

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