Anti-Terrorism Action Plan

Frozen Food Express Industries, Inc. Anti-Terrorist Action Plan

This is a plan developed, in cooperation with ATA, to assist the government in a task of providing the national defense while facilitating critical needed commerce in a time of emergency, FFE proposes its Anti-Terrorist Action Plan (ATAP). The ATAP is based on the following assumptions:

  • Public safety and security takes precedence over all other considerations.
  • Government responsibility is to provide for the common defense.
  • Terrorists have made use of trucks as a weapon or tool.
  • Industry can and should assist the government with its responsibility to provide for the common defense.

The Office of Homeland security (OHS) has established the Homeland Security Advisory System (HSAS), comprising the five color-coded steps. The threat condition descriptions characterize the risk of terrorist attack. The protective measures listed are the steps that will be taken to reduce vulnerabilities. The threat levels, based on the OHS plan, are generally described as starting with the least serious (GREEN) and increasing to the most serious (RED). The ATAP steps should be implemented in response to the specific threat conditions.

LOW Condition Green

Low risk of terrorist attacks. The following measures should be applied:

  • Regularly assess facilities for vulnerabilities and take appropriate measures to reduce them.
  • Ensure drivers and administrative staff receives proper training and notification regarding threat and level.
  • Protect access to load information.

GUARDED Condition Blue

General risk of terrorist attack. In addition to the previous outlined protective measures, the following should be applied:

  • Check communications with designated emergency response and company notification, such as 911, or other emergency notification numbers. Know who to call as a company representative at the corporate level.
  • Review and ensure familiar with ATAP.
  • Conduct practice drills for all threat levels.

ELEVATED Condition Yellow

Significant risk of terrorist attacks. In addition to the previously outlined protective measures, the following should be applied:

  • Increase surveillance of critical locations, terminal parking areas, docks and warehouses.
  • Coordinate emergency plans with local law enforcement agencies.
  • Enhance security of facilities, such as locking gates or guard service.
  • Continuous exception report, and review missing or unaccounted for equipment and drivers.
  • Communicate plan and threat level to all drivers and employees.

HIGH Condition Orange

High Risk of terrorist attacks. In addition to the previously outlined protective measures, the following should be applied:

  • Coordinate necessary security measures with armed forces and law enforcement agencies.
  • Take additional precautions at public events.
  • Prepare to work at an alternate site or with a dispersed workforce, and restricting access to essential personnel only.
  • Be cautious of new shippers.
  • Ensure tracking devices on all power equipment.
  • Maintain account of all equipment and personnel.
  • Locks and seals on all loads.

SEVERE Condition Red

Severe risk