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Jason and Lynetta Walls Found a Home at FFE

Since joining FFE two years ago through FFE's Clean Slate Lease program, husband-wife team Jason and Lynetta Walls have accomplished much more than they ever expected. They successfully completed their truck lease, landed a dedicated run and now lease a new 2007 Freightliner Century Class with an APU through FFE's Clean Slate Lease Program. It's not all business, though. The couple is proud to be home often, where they are able to spend time with their children.
Being able to succeed in building their business while still remaining grounded at home is one of the reasons that the Walls say they'll stay at FFE.

"Every time we go into the drivers' lounge, there are drivers that have been with the company 20 years," said Lynetta. "I have never seen so many drivers that have stayed at the same place for so long; there is a real sense of belonging and security here."
"Someone would have to drag me out of here kicking and screaming to get me to leave!" said Jason.
"The staff is great and they know you by name. This is our first time to lease a new truck and we really enjoy being able to decide where we want to run," added Lynetta.
The strong company support system at FFE has helped the Walls move their careers to the next level. Both are very happy to have a brand-new truck and Jason especially enjoys a dedicated run after so many years of coast to coast. Considering all they have been able to accomplish, the Walls agree that they've found a hidden gem in FFE.
"I don't think a lot of people know about FFE," said Lynetta. "We didn't know much about the company until we started looking at the pay packages in the magazines. We feel very fortunate to have found them."

In their free time, Lynetta works puzzles, watches TV and simply relaxes. Jason enjoys camping and fishing. The Walls have two sons, ages 14 and 10.
The FFE Clean Slate Lease program offers drivers the opportunity to own a truck with no money down and the added benefit of a business support system. Credit isn't an issue as long as drivers have a clean DAC and MVR. New drivers to the company can also enjoy a soft landing by taking advantage of FFE's Fresh Start Program. In this program, drivers are eligible for a waiver of certain fixed costs during their first four weeks and a $150.00 fuel credit for the first two weeks. Even better, successful lease contractors are rewarded with the option of new trucks complete with an APU.

FFE is seeking owner operators who have a good work ethic and like to earn good money. Owner Operators average $1.11 per mile and receive an annual incentive at the end of their first year. Plus FFE has just introduced a new mileage contract gives you the best of both worlds at .93 cpm for truckload shipments and an even higher rate for hauling those special FFE LTL shipments. It just can't get any better! If you are looking for your hidden gem, call FFE at 1-800-569-9298 to find out more why Jason and Lynetta have made this their home. Or you can visit

Jason and Lynetta Walls Found a Home at FFE