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Jonathan Leisner - 20 Year Veteran Finds Support With FFE

Jonathan Leisner of Okeechobee, Fla., has spent 20 years driving a truck for a living, but considers the last 18 weeks to be hands-down the best. That is how long he has been in FFE's Clean Slate Lease Program. "I wish I would have done this 20 years ago," Leisner said. "FFE has given me the tools to succeed, including the support staff. I don't have to solve my own problems."

FFE's Clean Slate Lease Program attracted Leisner to the company. "I've always wanted to buy a truck of my own and I heard great things about FFE," Leisner said. This will be his first truck purchase, and FFE's support system has helped him tremendously. Leisner is especially looking forward to getting his truck updated with an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). "This is just another way FFE offers support to its Owner Operators," stated Liesner.

During his off time, Leisner enjoys fishing, playing guitar and watching sports. However, he really enjoys being in his truck and staying busy delivering and picking up loads. His fiance, Sue, handles the business aspects of operating the truck and joins him in the truck most of the time. This enables Leisner to be on the road more, where he can enjoy seeing the country. However, Leisner is quick to point out that he never has to run too hard.

"I am happy where I am, bottom line," Leisner said. "I've never belonged to a company that appreciates hard work and actually shows you." Now that he has found the place that has led him to reach his goals, he doesn't plan on going anywhere else. Leisner encourages other drivers to work hard and go into a truck lease with a good attitude, allowing anything to be possible.

FFE Clean Slate Lease program offers drivers the opportunity to own a truck with no money down and the added benefit of a business support system. Credit isn't an issue as long as drivers have a clean DAC and MVR. New drivers to the company can also enjoy a soft landing by taking advantage of FFE's Fresh Start Program. In this program, drivers are eligible for a waiver of certain fixed costs during their first four weeks and a $150.00 fuel credit for the first two weeks. Even better, successful lease contractors are rewarded with the option of purchasing a new truck complete with an APU.

Currently celebrating its 60th year, FFE is seeking owner operators who have a good work ethic and like to earn good money. Owner Operators average $1.11 per mile and receive an annual incentive at the end of their first year. Plus FFE has just introduced a new mileage contract that gives Owner Operators the best of both worlds at .93 cpm for truckload shipments and an even higher rate for hauling those special FFE LTL shipments. It just can't get any better! Call FFE at 1-800-569-9298 to find out more, or you can visit

Jonathan Leisner - 20 Year Veteran Finds Support With FFE