Orbcomm Systems

FFE has entered into a contract with ORBCOMM, the leading provider of wireless monitoring and management data services for the refrigerated transportation industry. In 2010, Orbcomm outfitted approximately 1,500 of our refrigerated trailers with their communicator/modems. In addition Orbcomm provides reefer network management and control data services. This greatly expands on our current offering of the satellite based StarTrak units. The new units installed is cellular GPS based and will help us manage our temperature controlled shipments more closely and offer our customers the highest level of customer service and visibility.

Orbcomm Reefer Trak RT-6000

Full Temperature Mapping for temperature controlled shipments needing constant protection and monitoring. Offering full two-way control so we always know the shipment status, location and temperature, and are managing the entire process from our desk.

Orbcomm Features and Capabilities

Full Authority Control; Remote GPS Monitoring And Management (OTR And Rail)

  • Reefer Temperature
  • Reefer Condition
  • Alarms
  • Battery Status
  • Fuel Sensors
  • Maintenance
  • FourKites Technology for Real-Time Shipment Tracking
  • EDI
  • API
  • WMS System
  • Temperature Alerts for Warehouse Monitoring
  • Ameriscan
  • ELD Compliant

Backup Battery = No Operations Downtime

Fully Web-Enabled Always-On -- Instant Poll Response

ReeferTrip -- For Safety And Security